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History of Wado

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Wado Ryu Karate was founded by Hironori Ohtsuka Sensei in 1934. Born in 1892, in Shimodate. AT the young age of 6 years, Ohtsuka began studying the art of Ju Jitsu after having been taken with stories of his mother's uncle days as a samurai warrior. After receiving his certificate of full proficiency of Ju Jitsu from Shinto Yoshin school of Ju Jitsu, Ohtsuka travelled to Tokyo to meet Gitchin Funakoshi, an Okinawan, to learn Shotokan Karate. Ohtsuka encompassed his knowledge of these martial arts to develop a style of karate that is respresented by its name, Wado Ryu. Wa meaning "harmony", meaning "way" and ryū meaning "style."

Wado Ryu was first introduced to Australia by Sensei Wally Maclean in1967. The founder of Wado-Ryu of Japan Australia originally studied Judo and after 15 years of running a Judo school and at 51years of age, did he begin to learn Karate.

Not only was Sensei Maclean the pioneer of Wado Ryu Karate in Australia, but also one of the founding members of the Australian Karate Federation when it was referred to by its original name F.A.K.O. After bringing this style of karate to Australia, Sensei Maclean returned to Japan many times to further his understanding and knowledge of Wado. He always encouraged his senior students to do the same to ensure a high level of standard is carried throughout all dojos.

Sensei Maclean passed away on 7th September 2003 and is succeeded by our current Chief Instructor Sensei Clive Waymouth, 5th Dan. Training sessions are held annually to remember and respect Sensei Wally Maclean and most importantly to celebrate his life achievements, which without, we would not have Wado Ryu.

In 1991 Wado-Ryu of Japan, Australia became a member of the Wado-Ryu Karate Do Academy which is headed by Sensei M.Shiomitsu 8th Dan. Sensei Shiomitsu is invited yearly to come to Australia to teach the instructors and members of Wado-Ryu of Japan, Australia. This insures that the highest standards are set and that the true techniques of Wado-Ryu are being taught and practiced throughout all our dojo's.

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